Do you want some real bass on your songs?

It’s easy...

  • You mail me the song(s) i mp3 format. (e-mail or ”snail”-mail)
  • We talk about how you want the bass sound/style (upright/electric, fingerstyle, pick or slap, fretted or fretless...etc.) ...and we’ll discuss the fee.
  • I’ll record the bass and mail you an mp3, and when you are satisfied with the result I’ll send you a cd with the new bass-tracks, that you can fit right into your own session.
  • It’s that simpel.

I’m using an M-Box 2 pro with Pro-Tools 7.4 (Mac OS-X)


Song: Thomas Fleron - Mon de når derud
X-mas song - played on my Fender P-bas

Recorded at
Thomas Flerons homestudio and in D-Studiet (Jens Daugaard) and at my place, okt / nov. 08.

Text/Music: Thomas Fleron
Produced by Thomas Fleron and Jens Daugaard
Engineer: Thomas Fleron, Jens Daugaard and me :-)
Mix: Thomas Fleron and Jens Daugaard in D-Studiet
Master: Jens Daugaard

Thomas Fleron: Vocals., guitar, keyboards.
Allan Nagel: Bass.
Mads Fogt: Guitar.
Jens Daugaard: Drums, perc.

Sugardaddy (click for info),

Song: Sugardaddy - Fish Funk
- played on my Fender P-bas

Song: Sugardaddy - Sugardaddy
- played on my upright, only pickup
(Fishmann BP-100 + Pro-EQ Platinum preamp), no mic.

Composer: Jacob Mogensen

Drums recorded at ”Studiet”, Ormslev - Engineer: Jens Daugaard.
Keys/Voc. recorded at Peter Denckers homestudio.
Guitar and horns recorded at Jacob Mogensens homestudio.
Bass recorded at my place.

Jacob Mogensen: Guitar.
Peter Dencker: Vocal, keyboards.
Jimmi Bech: Drums, perc.
Allan Nagel: Bass.
Jan Kaspersen: Sax, backing vocals.
Niels Nørgård: Trombone.
Jan Sørensen: Trumpet.